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You are the day-shift charge nurse for the intensive care unit. One of your nurses, Carol, has just requested a week off to attend a conference. She is willing to use her accrued vacation time for this and to pay the expenses herself. The conference is in 1 month, and you are a little irritated with her for not coming to you sooner. Carol’s request conflicts with a vacation that you have given another nurse. This nurse requested her vacation 3 months ago. You deny Carol’s request, explaining that you will need her to work that week. Carol protests, stating that the educational conference will benefit the intensive care unit and repeating that she will bear the cost. You are fi rm but polite in your refusal. Later, Carol goes to the supervisor of the unit to request the time. Although the supervisor upholds your decision, you believe that Carol has gone over your head inappropriately in handling this matter. ASSIGNMENT: How are you going to deal with Carol? Decide on your approach, and support it with political rationale.

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