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1Q1.Multidomestic corporations are known for ____________.
Group of answer choices
a)polycentric attitudes
b)having their holdings in one country
c)centralising management and other decisions in the home country
d)ethnocentric attitudes

2.‘Department head’ or ‘store manager’ is most likely associated with which of the following?
Group of answer choices
a)first-line managers
b)team leaders
c)middle managers
d)top managers

3.The current dominant assumption in management theory __________.
Group of answer choices
a)is that neither symbolic nor omnipotent views are relevant
b)suggests managers are omnipotent
c)suggests managers are symbolic
d)suggests a balanced view of managers as symbolic and omnipotent

4.When a decision maker chooses an alternative under perfect rationality, she chooses a ________ decision, whereas under bounded rationality she chooses a ________ decision.
Group of answer choices
a)maximising; satisficing
b)satisficing; maximising
c)maximising; minimising
d)minimising; maximising

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