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QTopic: Australia Post
-Consider how storytelling would benefit the organization in your news story .
– Consider the type of story that would add value and build identity for the corporation as a whole and how it would be shared across different stakeholder groups. -one source
1. Ability to outline a relevant news story that is featured (from 2021 – no exceptions) in more than one source (general news topic, trending issue or industry focus provided in lecture/tutorial the week before). More than one source is required here so you reflect on different perspectives across media outlets – i.e. develop the skill of being media savvy. Every story usually has a few angles.
2. Ability to develop critical insight skills through analysis and not just descriptions / brief answers.
3. Ability to answer the specified question below in the ‘Detailed Information’ based directly on the case study (news story) and your nominated lecture topic. 4. Evidence of additional research from both academic and business sources
5. Succinctness and logical structure.
6. Reasonable and realistic self-assessment on tutorial question 7. Familiarity with content and knowledge of subject material One to two pages please answer asap subject: Marketing Brand Identity and corporation

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