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Cultural and educational influences are both examples of how can influence personality. Identify the missing labels from the following table about the Big Five personality traits. Trait Description The person is gregarious, assertive, and sociable (as opposed to reserved, timid, and quiet). The person is cooperative, warm, and agreeable (rather than cold, disagreeable, and antagonistic). The person is hardworking, organized, and dependable (as opposed to lazy, disorganized, and unreliable). The person is calm, self-confident, and cool (as opposed to insecure, anxious, and depressed). Emotional stability Openness to experience The person is creative, curious, and cultured (rather than practical with narrow interests). Which of the following is a good example of a strong situation? A fifth grade classroom, where the teacher has strict rules about student behavior O A party at which people are encouraged to do whatever they’d like to do O A lunchtime conversation between people who have just met each other recently O An informal meeting without an agenda You are in a team and you realize that several members of the team have a negative affect. In order to encourage them to have a positive affect, you could
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