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FoodVan is an online grocery and ready-to-eat meals delivery business that decided to analyse around a million transactions from almost 100,000 customers in their database so it could better understand what its customer wanted for their online grocery shopping. They also would like to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to better understand their customers, hence, improve their customer service. They also would like to see an improvement in their Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, as their growing product lines require a more robust integration of their systems with their suppliers. In view of this, they are investigating pioneering technologiesin RFID systems to be used in their warehouses. The vision of the company is “to be the go-to online store for food” by offering speed, convenience, choice, and price delivered to customers door within 30 minutes or less.It used analytics to build a data-centric approach to its business. Their efforts bore so many results that the initial Proof of Concept (POC) reports identified that banana, grapes,peach, andpineapple were the most fruits their customers buy in 202x. As a result, they’ve realised that their big data could reveal insights they don’t know before which could even create new sources of revenue for the business (for example, fruit baskets as a product line for the five most popular fruits sold).“We had a lot of data coming from our point-of-sales software. Initally, the challenge was how to a develop a quick way to talk to the company’s POS database. Our goal was to use the huge amount of transaction data in a cost-effective way and find the right metrics to help us drive our business forward,” said Al Coles, vice president of R&D and analytics at FoodVan.The company used Tableau to crunch its data. Initially, they used Microsoft Access but eventually used SQL to talk directly to the company’s POS database. After they found an easy way to access the data, their next challenge was to drill down into the information in ways that would positively impact business results. While they have an in-house IT personnel specialising in MS Access and SQL, they needed additional help from external consultants in implementing Tableau, a data visualization software focused on business intelligence. Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing data

visualization tool. It helps in simplifying raw data into the very easily understandable format in the form of dashboards and worksheets. Tableau is cost-effective as it only cost them $70 per month for the subscription.FoodVan have two primary revenue streams that needed to be optimised: Online Grocery and Meal-In-A-Wheel Delivery.”These two revenue streams were driven by different base emotions in our customers, so it was important for us to understand that when we began to analyse our data for optimizing our business. Understanding our customer motivations will allow us to create the metrics that we can use moving forward,” Coles said.In the case of Online Grocery, revenues came in when customers buy because of three factors, convenience, choice and price. Using big data analytics, FoodVanwill be able to formulate metrics that will help them meet up these needs.Incontrast, Meal-In-A-Wheel revenues are generated from different customer motivations.”You buy ready-to-eat meals because you don’t have time to prepare, you want instant food in no time, irrespective of the cost. People want choices and quick delivery”, Coles said. Coles acknowledged that it was sometimes easy to get lost in all of the data. “It took us awhile to narrow and refine data and metrics,” he said. In the end, Coles said that the three foremost analytics questions FoodVan asked were:•How can we further improve our services?•How do we reduce delivery times?•How can we find hidden needs and fill up with new products and services?Their big data roadmap started from using MS Access, then switching to SQL as an easier way to access the data from the POS database to drilling down into the information through business analytics using Tableau. After rolling out their Big Data and CRM strategy, FoodVan have nearly doubled their annual sales to $878,850 and welcomed an additional 15,000 customers in 202x, a 10% increase in total customer count.You are required to Identify the issues managers face in the selection, use, management and deployment of IS (ULO-1), Identify the issues managers face in the selection, use, management and deployment of IS(ULO-2), assess the relationship between organizations, IS and business processes for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) (ULO-3), and appraise the salient characteristics of CRM, SCM and IS assets management (ULO-4).
on the basis of given case study answer the following

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