Students are required to write a research proposal OR a literature review on a t

Students are required to write a research proposal OR a literature review on a topic pertaining to child development that is of interest to them. You must get formal approval of your topic from me before your proceed with your assignment. I will require a summary of your topic before you start working on your paper. You should list the articles that you will be using for your literature review or your research proposal in your summary. For each article, students must list the reference using APA style, followed by a one to two paragraph summary of each article. Only after I have approved your topic should you start working on literature review or research proposal. Details for your literature review: Students are required to write a review of the literature on a topic pertaining to child development. You are required to select at least seven peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic of interest and get formal instructor approval for these articles. A review article published in a peerreviewed journal can replace one of the seven articles, but this is the only substitution permissible. Book chapters and other source material can be used for the literature review, but these sources will be in addition to the seven peer-reviewed journal articles. Literature reviews needs to be thoughtful, non-superficial, well organized, and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Students are urged to read as many topic-relevant articles as possible and to spend some time thinking analytically about these articles before beginning to write. Typically literature reviews are in the following format: (a) an introduction to the topic with background material and an explanation of why this topic is important from a developmental perspective; (b) analyses of individual studies, noting methodological strengths and flaws whenever these are relevant and noteworthy; and (c) an overall analysis of all seven (or more) studies in this area. Students’ analyses can address any of the following issues: what these studies tell us about cognition and about cognitive development; the relevance of these studies to development theories covered in this course; educational implications; real-world cognition implications; issues that this area of research has not addressed but should; strengths and/or flaws in this area of research; consistency or inconsistency across studies; and/or future research. Literature reviews must be paced using a 12 point font, and must adhere to APA style. The body of the main paper should be a minimum of 8 pages long (excluding title page, abstract and the references). email from professor: Hi everyone Your literature review topic is supposed to be due on Monday, March 1 but since we are on break this week, I am extending that deadline to Friday, March 5. This is what you have to do for your that assignment. 1. Pick a topic you want to write your paper on and write up a paragraph as to what the topic is about. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. So topic such as studying the impact of parenting on child development is too general. What aspect of child development are you interested in — academic abilities, social, cognitive, etc. So narrow down your topic as much as possible. 2. Pick 7 EMPIRICAL articles that you are going to use for your paper and list them in APA format as your bibliography. Please note you have to have 7 empirical articles, you can have more than that and you can have book chapters and review articles in ADDITION to your 7 empirical articles. 3. NO PDF SUBMISSIONS. I cannot make comments on your topic and send them back to you if your files are in PDF. I will not be grading PDF submissions. PLEASE LOOK AT ATTACHMENTS

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The post Students are required to write a research proposal OR a literature review on a t first appeared on nursing writers.

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