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During this Unit IP, you will be required to create and conduct a 2–4-hour lesson for one or more adults in a classroom or online course. You may choose to create and conduct a lesson for any type of adult on any topic that you wish. However, you must plan your time so that the actual administration of the lesson is completed with enough time to be able to address the evaluative areas of the final IP requirements.Please note: Your lesson must be created and conducted “in real time,” which means you must actually design and implement in a real setting within the 2-week time frame of this unit. The reality of your project is a critical component for success of this unit and for future analysis steps to follow.Some examples of topics include the following:Starting a memoirMotivating volunteers for conservation projects in your communityPumping your own gasoline and paying for it at a convenience store where only English is spokenSymbols in modern poetry as symbols in your lifeCitizen-action groups of your city during World War IIYou must consider the specific audience for your lesson. Some types of adult audiences include the following:First-year college studentsBeginning-level ESL learnersInmates in a penal institutionYoung adults in a GED programMiddle-aged adults in a GED programSenior citizens in an Elderhostel programSenior citizens in a class at a community centerSenior citizens in a class at a retirement homeAdults in a basic education programEmployees in a health care companyYou are not restricted to the audiences or the topics in the above list.To plan adequately and conduct your lesson on specific content for a specific audience, adhere to the following requirements:Identify the learners who will participate in your lesson. Describe the needs and characteristics of these adult learners.List the specific topic that the students will learn during your 2–4-hour lesson.Create and include 1–2 terminal performance objectives for the lesson.Objectives must be written in audience, behavior, condition, degree (ABCD) form and use Bloom’s Taxonomy with appropriate measurable verbs to align with specific Bloom’s cognitive level expectations.Ensure that your objectives include the following attributes:Learner-centeredMeasurable (no use of “Know”, “Understand”, “Demonstrate understanding”, or “Learn,” none of which can be measured)Appropriate for your adult learnersAppropriate cognitive level verbs for your contentCreate and include 3 active learning activities.Ensure that your active learning activities are as follows:In alignment with the verbs of your terminal performance objectivesAppropriate for your adult learnersAppropriate for your contentIf you plan to conduct your lesson for more than one learner, you may wish to include a pair or group activity.Explain your rationale for determining the order in which the activities occur.Using your plan for the active learning activities that you created, include the following:Facilitate learning for one or more adult learners.State the place that the lesson occurred and the exact time that the lesson began and ended.Correctly use grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mechanics of the English language.Deliverable Length:  4-6 pages
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