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1. Read the uploaded articles
2. Create two discussion questions for each article
Please look at the example below, it will give you an idea of how the questions should be.
Edgar, Amanda Nell (2014) “R&B Rhetoric and Victim-Blaming Discourses: Exploring the Popular Press Revision of Rihanna’s Contextual Agency.” Women’s Studies in Communication, 37, 138-158. (CMM)
1. “ Troublingly removed from its context, Brown’s 2009 attack was being reframed for a hungry audience, as the spotlight shifted from Brown’s monstrous violence to Rihanna’s shameful sexuality.”How can these ideologies be reshaped by the way the story is told?
2. Edgar use TMZ, The Hollywood Gossip, People, and US Magazine, which are gossip based publications, so how would the analysis change if Edgar would have used less gossip and more newsworthy resources? Did they even cover the story? The BBC, for example, was more factual, so why did Edgar only used gossip oriented publications? To make a point?
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