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You will be reviewing several ethics case studies from Harvard Business Review. These 3-4 page case studies present an ethical scenario followed by commentary by industry experts. The case studies to review are provided below. I will send you PDF files of these articles.
Bearden, N.; Oelschlegel, C.; & Brown, J. F. (2014). Is it ever OK to break a promise? Harvard Business Review, 92(9), 119-123.
Beyersdorfer, D.; Dessain, V.; Ton, Z.; Hollanders, N.; & Barberán, M. (2012). Bonuses in bad times. Harvard Business Review, 90(7/8). 153-157.
Hasson, R.; Hardis, S. R.; Shear, H.; Rowe, M.; & Robinson, J. W. (2007). Why didn’t we know? Harvard Business Review, 85(4), 33-43.
Humphreys, J.; Ahmed, Z.; Pryor, M.; Hanson, K.; Peppers, D.; Rogers, M.; & Borg, J. (2009). World-class bull. Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 35-42.
Sucher, S. & Preble, M. (2017). Case study: Follow dubious orders or speak up? An intern contemplates whether she should compromise her values for a job. Harvard Business Review, 95(4), 139-143.
After reviewing the articles, prepare a 500-word posting highlighting the ethical issues discussed in the scenario and in the commentary. In the final paragraph of the posting, share how your understanding of ethics has changed following review of the business case scenarios and commentaries.
Once i receive synopsis, I will send you Synopsis of 2 other classmates. post a meaningful comment or question (150 words) to the postings of two (2) classmates.
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