systems thinking

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Systems thinking in public health looks at how different
disciplines work together to create the public health system. When we
examine the public health system as a whole, we can see several
different parts; health education, health communication, the public
health workforce, information technology, and even non-profit
organizations concerned with population health help make the public
health system work.

For the Unit 3 Discussion, you chose a public
health problem and an organization that is part of the public health
system (local, state, federal or global health organization,
non-governmental organization, or other organization) that is addressing
the health problem. Using the information, you drafted for the Unit 3
Discussion and the peer feedback you received, write a minimum 500-word
expository essay that addresses the following:

  • Briefly describe the health problem and organization that you chose, and what they are doing to improve population health.
  • How does this organization fit into the overall public health system?
  • Using
    systems thinking, determine what other organizations inside or outside
    the discipline of public health would be important for your chosen
    organization to build relationships with to meet their goal of improving
    population health. Then, describe the linkages between the
    organizations that make them a part of the system that is needed to
    address the health problem.
  • You may include a diagram of the ‘system’ that shows how the organizations are linked.


  • The paper should be at least 500 words in length.
  • There
    should be a minimum of three credible references used, including the
    source for your chosen organization, which should be presented in APA
  • Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center
    Resources” to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written
    assignments. Go to Content, Course Resources and then Course Documents
    in the classroom.


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