Tag at least four characteristics of the work of art that are significant to the characteristics of the movement.

Movements Reflected in Art Work


Refer to the assigned reading from the textbook and required videos as   examples of how to interpret works of art.
Select a work of art or architecture from a movement other than the movement   described in the “Movements in Art” Discussion. Download an image of the   artwork from WikiMedia Commons   or the image resources in Week One Recommended Resources.
Create a free ThingLink account and use the program to identify and describe at   least four connections between the work of art and the movement. For help,   refer to the ThingLink guide   or the ThingLink Help Center.

  Upload your selected image of the work of art to ThingLink. Be sure to title   the project with the name of the work.

Tag at least four characteristics of the work of art that are significant to   the characteristics of the movement. In your tag, explain how the characteristics   are related, using appropriate art terminology. Use the Le Moulin de la Galette as reference.
Once you complete this task, paste the URL to your tagged ThingLink image in   your discussion post. Be sure to cite the artwork.
Review several of your classmates’ posts by visiting their ThingLink images.   By Day 7, provide a substantive response to at least two of classmates. In   your responses, provide an additional characteristic of the corresponding   movement(s) that they did not identify or share any similarities and   differences between your work of art and theirs.
Please   follow the basic modified APA style citation format in the APA Artwork   Citations document   to reference works of art.

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