technology and ethics

Throughout the course, the textbook has introduced many ethical issues related to technology. Now that you have become technologically literate, it is time to explore the ethics of using the technology and the social implications it may have.

For this assignment, you will defend one side of a debate on a specific ethical scenario involving technology. You will research and defend your position in a 5-paragraph essay that will become part of a class wiki. Your classmates will be exploring and defending other ethical scenarios that you will read and respond to with your own insights. To complete this assignment, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Select Your Topic

When you open the wiki, you will see the sign up page where you can choose your topic based on the examples provided in the textbook or come up with your own – as long as the issue you choose deals with the ethical implications of technology.

Once you’ve selected a topic that you’d like to explore, indicate which side of the debate you will be arguing for by adding your name and a short statement about your position in the column next to your topic. You may also choose to argue the opposing point of view of one of your classmate’s topics. In that case, you can enter your name and short statement about your opposing position on the issue next to theirs. The first row of the sign up page contains an example entry for you to follow.

Topics are first come, first served. Each topic may be chosen by only two people – one arguing for each side of the debate.

Note: Even though two students may be researching opposite sides of the same topic, those two students are not partners. They will not work together and will not be graded on each other’s work.

Step 2: Research and Defend Your Position

In order to fully and accurately defend your position, you will need to do some research and reference at least two credible resources on the ethical scenario you’ve chosen. While we’re exploring ethics, remember that your words must be your own and that all references to these resources must be appropriately referenced and cited in your essay. Review the Academic Research Guidelines to help you find, reference, and cite your resources appropriately. Failure to meet these guidelines may result in failure of this assignment.

When you have finished your research, click on the Create Wiki Page at the top of the Technology and Ethics Wiki and name your wiki using the following naming convention: Lastname: Topic (ex. Smith: Cyber Bullying). In the content area of your wiki page, write a 5-paragraph essay defending your topic. The goal of your essay is to get the reader to understand your point of view and persuade them to agree with your ideas. In your essay, you will need to adequately address both the technology involved and the social implications that either allowing or prohibiting the behavior may have.

Note: You may save and return to work on your wiki page throughout the module, just make sure it is completed by the due date.


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