Technology projects | Computer Science homework help

Part 1:
Sunstein (2014) suggested that many people making small contributions can complete significant projects. There are several stories of an idea taken on by a small group of people and transformed into a very significant development (Bill Gates and Microsoft come to mind). Describe such an action and how this action affected technology and the world in a positive manner. Were there any downsides to the results?
Part 2:
Contributing to a project is an important part of working in a team environment.  Consider a scenario where you’re interviewing for a position and are asked to discuss your previous contributions to a team in an ethical context. How can you best convey your skills in working with a team while maintaining your ethical boundaries?  Research appropriate interview styles and identify what interview style will work to convey your abilities in this area.
Sunstein, C.R. (2014). Nudging: A very short guide. Journal of Consumer Policy 37, 583-588. 

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