That-trace-effect in English

Research paper on Syntax

1.Summary of the empirical problem (that-trace effect), together with data illustrating this problem
2. Review of previous analyses of this phenomenon, using key examples to illustrate their
3. Point out any weaknesses in the argumentation that you find.
4. Identify one or more predictions made by the analysis which are not addressed in the
5. Speculate on the type(s) of evidence which might address the problems and/or predictions
not accounted for in previous analyses.
6. Speculate on what type of analysis might yield more fruitful results.
7. Show how the key data might be accounted for by this type of analysis.
8. Conclusion which summarizes the main points of the paper
9. Presentation of a new proposal (analysis) for the problem
10. Argumentation in favor of this new analysis, together with examples that support it

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