The conventions of detective fiction

Think about and discuss the conventions of detective fiction and the detective you would like to create. Using the information you have learned in this course, create and annotate the story for this project using the “comment” feature in Microsoft Word. You can locate this function in the “Review” tab in Microsoft Word. The comments will be located in the margins; it is here, in two or three sentences, you will describe and define the convention or detail and discuss how you used in your narrative, which will include:

  1. Three conventions of detective fiction.
    a. You will provide a description or definition of the convention. For example, the least likely suspect is used in detective fiction to throw off the reader and to hide the real culprit. Or, the authors use Watson figure to shield the reader from the detective’s thoughts, thereby maintaining the mystery until the detective’s dénouement.
  2. Three details from the original detective you are creating for your Final Project.
    . You will provide a description of the element and how you used it to formulate your story or your detective.

Submission and Due Date

  1. Save your story in DOCX or pdf format, named as follows:
    • lastnamefirstinitial_pBstory.docx
    • for example, John Doe would name the file “doej_pBstory.docx”.

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