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Find an example from the News or other media in which statistics or findings are being presented. What type of research method was used to find their results? (if you don’t know, then use your best knowledge to guess what they may have used.) 
Is this research sound legitimate and objective? What SHOULD they do? What more information do you need to know about this study/research? 
Here’s an example: “On the news recently, they discussed a new study that finds that people who ate an apple every day were less likely to get sick and make doctor visits. I guess they old saying is right ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’”
I’d say this study is probably a correlation. They simply looked at the relationship between how many apples are eaten and the number of reported sicknesses and doctor visits. I think this okay, but we probably need to know about other foods in their diets. Maybe those people who eat an apple every day also exercise and eat many other healthy foods often. 
Reminder: This should be a couple paragraphs long. 
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