The Hunting Ground Ge Area 3 Outcomes Requirement 19874581

Link of the movie; Warning: Adult content
An exposé of rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, their institutional cover-ups, and the devastating toll they take on students and their families. Assignment Instructions
Watch the film, The Hunting Ground (Links to an external site.) (1 hr 44 min). Closed Caption video link here (Links to an external site.)Develop a typed-written (4 paragraphs) response addressing the following questions: Reflect on the film’s provocative title, The Hunting Ground. Does the title accurately capture the main themes of the film? Do you agree that the campuses depicted in the film served as hunting grounds for perpetrators and endangered victims? Can you think of alternative titles? Prior to The Hunting Ground, Dick Kirby and Amy Ziering produced The Invisible War, an Oscar-nominated film about sexual assault in the US military. In a recent interview, Ziering stated, “We thought that schools would be more transparent (than the military), but we found just the opposite.” Why, in your opinion, do colleges fail to hold perpetrators of sexual assault accountable and in some cases cover up their crimes? Several survivors interviewed in the film offer examples of “victim blaming”: suggestions from administrators, campus police, or law enforcement that they were responsible for their assaults. Why is victim blaming a problem? How does it contribute to a feeling of betrayal among student survivors of sexual violence? What is an appropriate way to respond to a student who reports sexual violence? Dr. Caroline Heldman, an Occidental College faculty member interviewed for the film, says that what exacerbates the trauma of survivors is that they are often trapped on campus with the perpetrator. As a result, no place on campus feels safe. What can be done to address this problem? What would it take for an academic institution to transform itself from being a hunting ground to providing a safe and supportive environment for all its students?
Include citations of required readings and any other sources you use that are NOT your intellectual property at the end of your paper or video. Review item # 57 AND select Files on the left-hand menu to access the Course Resources then the ASA Style folder for citation resources on formatting requirements, guidelines, and examples. 

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