The task below relates to an annual survey administered to all families whose ch

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January 7, 2021

The task below relates to an annual survey administered to all families whose children attend New York City Public schools. In asking you to complete this task, we are aiming to gain insight into how you problem solve and create a process to accomplish a task. This is directly relevant to the Front Office Associate (Bilingual) position, since this role involves, among other things, conducting research, designing systems, and presenting and collating information in an effective way.TASK OVERVIEW:Each year, the NYC Department of Education (NYC DOE) requires all schools (including TEP Charter School) to administer a survey to its parent body. The survey provides NYC DOE with feedback from the parents with respect to the schools that their children attend. NYC DOE uses this data to evaluate each school. Hence this is an important survey and the goal of TEP Charter School is to ensure at least a participation rate of 95% of its parent body.TASK DETAILS:The NYC DOE survey can be administered via paper or online. Paper surveys are delivered to TEP Charter School during the month of February. The surveys are due by end of March. Only one survey per family is required. Hence if there are 2 siblings attending TEP Charter School, then the survey needs to be completed by their parent only once. That one survey will count for both the siblings. Your task should be designed keeping the demographic of the current TEP student body.Design a process that includes•    Distribution of the survey to the parents•    Collection of the survey by school.•    Tracking data of which survey has been submitted and which are still due•    A plan for following up with families who have not submitted the survey in a timely manner and supporting them to complete the survey.Even though this survey is optional, TEP Charter School’s goal is to achieve a 100% participation rate, as this directly impacts the good standing of the school. Therefore it is important for you to brainstorm and include creative strategies that you would implement in order to encourage parents to complete the survey in a timely manner.SUBMITTING YOUR TASK:A detailed narrative that explains your solution for the project. Please identify any assumptions that you make, and describe the rationale behind your solution.HOW WILL YOUR TASK BE EVALUATED?PLEASE NOTE 95% OF THE CHILDREN THAT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL ARE FLUENT IN SPANISH. IF WE CAN TRANSLATE THIS TASK IN SPANISH AS WELL WILL BE GREAT TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR THE PARENTS.Your task will be evaluated from the perspective of–    Efficiency  & ease (how easy & quick is the solution to build, implement & use )–    Effectiveness of the solution. What percentage of surveys will be returned?–    Attention to detail, visual appearance & formatting of the narrative.
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