the topic of realism

The second forum discussion will analyze an article focused on a single work of art, Gustav Courbet’s Real Allegory in His Studio… a central work to his Pavilion of Realism in 1855.

First, please go to the Khan Academy website

and learn about Courbet and his work:



NEXT, go to JSTOR and read the following article:

“A Political and a Pictorial Tradition Used in Gustave Courbet’s Real Allegory”

by Margaret Armbrust Seibert

*Note: Please make sure you have the correct article by this author,

there are many articles which discuss/analyze this painting!

Answer the following:

1. What is the central theme (thesis) of this article? What is the significance of this pursuit?

2. How does the author support her ideas?

3. Does her analysis change your view of this painting? How so? or… Why not?


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