The Venus Figurines

The artifact I chose is the VENUS FIGURINES

The main goal of this paper is to apply a scientific approach to the subject of your research. In this vein, your paper will be based on valid scientific evidence to reconstruct past civilizations. You must include specific archaeological findings that support your work. Keep in mind this is a research paper in archaeology and not just a historical account. Your paper MUST INCLUDE additional references section with your cited sources based on the SAA format. Your paper should include some initial ideas of the following:

– A clear idea of your selected artifact
– What culture does it represent?
– Background information (material used [local or traded], some characteristics of the item, description, purpose)
– How was it found? Where? Is it in a museum?
– How it was used? (ceremonial, food preparation, hunting)
– Any specific analysis on this object (radiocarbon, pollen, etc.)
– In which way does the object represent the culture or the individuals that manufactured it?
– Is this object important in the evolution of humans?
– what it tells us about the culture that created it,
– the technology that made it possible (if applicable)
– how it may signal contact with neighboring cultures,
– its implications for its culture and civilization at large


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