Theories of Counseling

The paper is designed to help you integrate the material. Consult this outline early for the details. This paper must be typewritten, proofread, double-spaced, and is expected to show evidence of clear thought. Plan ahead so that your paper will be turned in on time in a quality fashion. No papers will be accepted by email attachments. Only uploaded papers are accepted.

1.    Your Integrative Approach to Counseling

Write an integrative paper that addresses your personal theoretical orientation to counseling. Your paper should deal with aspects such as:

      key concepts of your approach

      view of your role as a counselor

      therapeutic goals and how you would decide upon goals

      relationship issues you are likely to consider

      central techniques you are likely to employ

      how you would address issues of cultural diversity

Address specific issues as outlined in the textbook, especially Chapter 15. This particular essay should be 5 pages in length and you should attempt to integrate as many concepts and techniques as you can based upon two or more of the counseling models. I suggest you take a primary theory (one that comes closest to your beliefs and your theory of choiceand then branch out showing how you would draw techniques from several other theoretical approaches. Be sure to state why you select a particular theory as your main theory. Show how you could bring in ideas and techniques from the various theories you have studied into your own integrative theoretical stance.

2.    How Theories Apply to You Personally

Identify some of the ways that the various theories can teach you something about yourself personally. What specific ways can certain aspects or concepts of the different theories contribute to your self- understanding? How do the theories you studied have application not only to working with counseling clients, but to assist you in your own personal development?  Identify a few specific personal applications of at least six of the theories. Each week in class you will be asked to engage in self-reflection to see what you can learn about yourself and how you can apply the theories to yourself. It is highly recommended that you write about these personal learnings each week, rather than waiting until the paper is due. (Length: 5 double-spaced pages).


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