This assignment is for you to write a term paper on the topic: Global Climate Change. Your term paper must have this specific topic and the following subtopics. The topic and subtopics should be written in bold letters separately on a line like shown belo

If you do not follow my guide lines, I will not accept your paper and you will earn zero grade.

~ Your term paper cannot be less than 2 pages; lines spaced not more than 1.5 and 11/12 font size.

~ Must be in well written English.

~ You can use any internet andor library resources to write this term paper but you cannot directly copy and paste from the Internet. You have to read any resource you will find, understand the information there and write it in your own English. You may or may not need to present a reference. If you have to present a reference, you can follow any format you are familiar with from your English 111 class.

~ Papers must be stapled to turn in. I will not accept unstapled papers!

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