Thoughtful responses to classmate

Classmate #1-

I think the two mistakes that I’m most likely to make are conceptual and transcription errors. Trying to learn various concepts and formulas can sometimes be a lot and some of them I may confuse for another or miss a step in a process. To avoid making these mistakes I try to do a lot of repetition of the concepts and steps until I get comfortable with it before moving on rather than trying to learn multiple concepts at a time. Sometimes I create mnemonics to keep track of steps. It worked when I was kid and my 10 year old uses them so they can work for me. 
The other one tends to be transcription errors. I usually do fine at first, but the more I work on problems I’ve noticed that sometimes I tend to start writing some of the problem incorrectly or part of the answer incorrectly. I noticed it last night going through ALEKS as well. After about two hours of going through concepts and problems I noticed that I started switching some of the digits which threw my answers off. The steps were right, but the transcription error still effected the answers. I think to avoid this, I just have to pay more attention to detail and perhaps work a few more breaks into my study and practice time.  

Classmate #2-

I often forget how to add and subtract positive and negative numbers. I’m certain the reason I forget is because I almost never have to add/subtract negative numbers. Also, if for some reason I do have to add/subtract negative numbers, I use the calculator on my phone.
I know the reason for my error is a calculation error. I know how to add and subtract just fine, but when I see the negative sign I forget what the rule is for add/subtracting negative numbers.
I find myself having to watch a video or read some examples to refresh my memory as I did during the first week in Consumer Math 1. So for now, I have committed to memory that two like signs become a positive sign and two unlike signs become a negative sign.


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