three common types of statistical analysis

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This Discussion explores three common types of statistical
analysis. You have been assigned a topic according to the first letter
of your last name. Please identify the topic assigned to you below. For
each topic, find a health-based example of it in a published research
study or news article; the Library is an excellent resource for finding
examples. Summarize how your topic is used in the example. In your
response, specifically explain why the test is well-suited for your
example. The Topic for my last name is ANOVA. Your initial
response to the Discussion topic should be a minimum of 200 words. You
should also provide at least two responses to your classmates that
should be a minimum of 100 words. In your peer replies, you are
encouraged to challenge responses to promote critical thinking on all
sides of a discussion.

Classmate Post #1

t test compares the statistical mean of two samples to find
significance between them. I found an article that used the t test to
compare gender differences in a self-reported study titled “Gender
Differences in self-reported symptoms of depression among patients with
Acute Coronary Syndrome [(ACS)].” This study used the t-test to explore
the demographic characteristic differences between male and female
samples as continuous variables. The research took samples from both
male and female patients as it pertained to self-reported depression and
a concurrent diagnosis with ACS. By using the t-test to compare male
and female samples, they were able to find certain demographic
characteristics that pertained to specific groups.


Frazier, Erica Yu, Jennifer Sanner, et al., “Gender Differences in
Self-Reported Symptoms of Depression among Patients with Acute Coronary
Syndrome,” Nursing Research and Practice, vol. 2012, Article ID 109251, 5 pages, 2012.

Classmate Post #2

is called analysis of variance as well. It is a group of statistical
models to test if there exists a significant difference between means.
It test whether the means of various groups are equal or not. In ANOVA
the variance observed in a particular variable is portioned into
different components based on the source of variation. An important fact
to note is that while we use ANOVA to find out whether the means differ
significantly. This is the preferred model used in industries like
pharmaceuticals and medical research because of its ability to test more
than one sample simultaneously. The ANOVA method assesses the relative
size of variance among group means (between group variance) compared to
the average variance within groups (within group variance).


Kim, H. (2014). Analysis of variance (ANOVA) comparing means of more than two groups. RDE, Retrieved from


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