Tombi 2 Psx Ita Iso WORK 📤

Tombi 2 Psx Ita Iso WORK 📤
Tombi 2 Psx Ita Iso

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How can I convert a query string to a object?
For example, I want to be able to query on every element of an object.I have a query string that looks like this:/get/people/id/name/locale/
So, to filter on the id, I callvar params = {id: ‘2’};
get(‘/get/people/id/name/locale/’, params);
But now, I want to add filtering by “city” (or any other element) as well.I have a separate object that looks like this:{city: ‘New York’}
So, I created another parameter, and just added another, just like this:var params = {id: ‘2’,city: ‘New York’};
get(‘/get/people/id/name/locale/’, params);
This didn’t work. This returns a 400 error, as the input doesn’t match the request.I’m guessing I need to convert the parameters from strings to objects, so I could do:var params = {id: {id: ‘2’},city: ‘New York’};
get(‘/get/people/id/name/locale/’, params);
But I’m not sure how to go about that.So, how do I convert query string params from strings to objects?
If you try to open a /get/people/id/name/locale/page with the following URL:get(‘/get/people/id/name/locale/’, {foo: ‘bar’})
Then you’ll get a 404 error, because the server is expecting an object with key names:{foo: ‘bar’}
By the way, you could just use object notations in your URL, like so:get(‘/get/people/id/name/locale/:id?’, {foo: ‘bar’})
And the URL decoded object structure would be
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