Topic: Astrological Predictions | Nursing Term Paper

Read the research study below then critically analyze it. Report your individual comments on the strengths/weaknesses of the study, comment on a group’s member’s critique, then decide as a group on ONE thing you would change to improve this study. 
Minimum of 3 substantive posts for 10% of final grade. (See General Instructions for more details) 
Topic: Astrological Predictions
A student researcher believes that the horoscopes produced by a certain astrologer are particularly accurate. The researcher contacts all first year psychology students and those who are interested in participating receive a free daily text message with their horoscope of the day. At the end of the week the participants text back to the researcher to report whether or not there was at least one accurate horoscope during the week. The student researcher reported that 100% of the participants of the study had at least one day they felt was accurately predicted by the astrologer. The researcher concludes that this astrologer is truly psychic and takes a report to the local newspaper.Things to think about:Are the conclusions warranted by this research?
Is this an experiment? If so, what are its major components?
Would you say the researcher has successfully measured the constructs from the hypothesis?
Would this question best be studied experimentally or correlationally?
Can you think of any better way to study the ideas from the hypothesis?

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