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June 21, 2017
Describe the columbian exchange and what was exchanged
June 21, 2017

Trademark Assignment
Trademark Assignment
(Due no later than date of final exam)
Obtaining trademark protection for your business name, slogan or logo is very important, not only to protect your intellectual property and unique business identity, but also for shear business value. A trademark is often a key business asset.
Review the general requirements for obtaining a trademark in Oregon by reading page 40 of “How to Start a Business in Oregon,” which can be found at
Then, download a trademark form from the Oregon Secretary of State’s site at:
Next, create something that would qualify for trademark protection (e.g. a logo or slogan). You do not need to be an artist—just make something up and provide a rough sketch if you are applying to protect artwork associated with your business (stick figures are okay!).
Describe how your trademark would be used in commerce. Otherwise fill out the application completely, using a fictitious company name. Be sure to include all words, designs and borders that comprise the mark on the form.


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