Trajectory Generation

Trajectory Generation (20 points) Given the values for the joint variable: q(0) = 0, q(1) = 1, q(3) = 3, and q(5) = 5. Assume that the velocity, acceleration, and jerk at the end and starting point should be 0. Moreover, assume that the the velocity, acceleration, and jerk at time t = 1 and t = 3 is 1 m/s , 1m/s2 , and 0m/s3 respectively. • What is the minimum polynomial order to guarantee continuous velocities and accelerations and jerk. All segments have the same order. (5 points) • Can the different segment be solved in parallel? Explain. (3 points) • Compute the trajectory with the specified constraints. You need to show all the constraints and formalize them in matrix format.

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