Find a problem related to transportation and find a propose solution for it by applying engineering concepts and methods. This unsolicited proposal should be addressed to the concerned ministry.

Structure of proposal: Write 2 pages that contain the following sections:

The purpose
The problem
The solution
The conclusion

– Use Visual in one of body sections ( problem-solution )

-The letter heading contains the name and address  of the addressee, a proper salutation, and a closing.

-Introduction identifies the problem and why it needs to be addressed.

-The problem section contains the details of the problem and how it affects society. Include a visual.

-The solution should be scientific, well-thought-out and makes financial sense. Include a visual here if you havent included one in the previous section.

-The conclusion reiterates the need to solve the problem for the benefit of society, offers a call for action or expresses willingness to discuss the issue further.

-tone is appropriate, language is not too formal or too casual, and
language used is correct, appropriate word choice, grammar,  and punctuation

Delivery with Word file.


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