u s sanctions and tariffs on china

10 pg. Essay/Policy paper on US Sanctions and Tariffs on China

Must contain:

– What are these sanctions and tariffs, and what did China do to get them?

– What are the advantages and disadvantages to the U.S by applying sanctions and tariffs on China, and what are the effects of it at a global scale?

– Do such sanctions go through Congress? Who are in support and who are not support of these sanctions and tariffs here in the U.S?

– Propose a policy to this issue that would solve the case if it is a problem, or a policy to somewhat keep at a constant rate if it is not a problem. What would that policy be, and what are the benefits and non-benefits of this policy to the U.S and the world.

12 size font, Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, 10 pg.s

Citations in MLA-8 format


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