University of Maryland Alcohol in Women Over Age of 40 Research Project

Research Project on Alcohol and Special Populations (25%)

Research and describe the effect of alcohol on your selected special population.

  • Identify unique problems or considerations that apply to your group.
  • Compare and contrast your group to the overall U.S. population
  • Describe best treatment practices for specific issues relevant to the selected population.


  • Start with the learning resources in the classroom.
  • Locate 7-10 journal articles or book chapters related to your special population.
  • Use only scholarly, objective sources for your project. Peer-reviewed articles found in the UMUC Library databases are generally good sources. Web-based information such as Wikipedia and and popular news outlets such as Time or Newsweek are NOT acceptable sources for this project.
  • If you are unclear as to whether a source is acceptable, contact the instructor or visit the UMUC Library’s page on locating and evaluating scholarly articles:


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  • APA format and citation style (
  • 2000 words minimum (non-substantive papers are graded by percentage submitted)
  • Separate title page and reference list – not considered in paper word count
  • 12 point font
  • Numbered pages
  • 1″ margins

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