Week 05 Written Assignment – Exploring Insurance Policies

write a essay apa format with refrences


In this assignment you will explore an insurance policy. Obtain a copy of a property insurance policy you already have (auto, homeowners, renters, etc…).

Within the insurance policy you selected, locate the following sections:


  • The declaration
  • Insuring agreement
  • Exclusions
  • Conditions

Describe the insurance policy. Include one paragraph for each section explaining what is included in that portion of the policy.

Is the basis for recovery stated? If so, please explain what type. If not, please explain if you would prefer to use the Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost and why.

Are any clauses limiting the amounts payable included (dollar amounts, deductibles, time limitations, coinsurance, and apportionment clauses)? If so, please explain what type(s).




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