week 4 discussion FSM3001

“There is not much incentive to be a good employee around here,” suggested Akusu, a server at Sand Dunes Restaurant.

“What do you mean?” asked Edison, another server.

Akusu replied, “I’ve been here a long time and do my work and never complain. I would think our manager would give me a little reward, even if it is just a thank-you. Instead, every time we get a new employee, I am asked to train that person. I have to do all of my beginning- and end-of-shift work, take the same number of tables, and also train. So I sometimes don’t give the very best service. I feel bad, and I lose tips.”

“That’s true,” said Edison, “But is there any other way to train a new employee?”

  1. You are the manager of Sand Dunes Restaurant. Answer Edison’s question.
  2. Should Akusu tell the manager how she feels? Why or why not?
  3. Just only one pager


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