what a "gannet chart" is and how it was used

uestion description

needing help completing the 3 sections of my paper:

05-09-18: The submission clearly provided a succinct discussion noting the changes made to the original “orientation” plan in the subject organization. The submission also provides a concise discussion on the use of a “gannet chart” as a change in the implementation plan of the project. However, it is unclear what a “gannet chart” is and how it was used. Please provide a clear discussion of what a “gannet chart” is and how it was utilized as a change in the implementation of the project (perhaps a Gantt chart is what is intended).

05-09-18: The submission provides a logical explanation, with adequate detail, of how the capstone project bridged the gap between evidence and current practice. However, there is very limited support from the evidence as only one very old source from 2006 is cited. Additional support from current literature (citations) is needed. Please provide additional support from the actual current literature (citations) to support how the capstone bridged the evidence and the current practice.

05-09-18: The in-text citations showcase accurate punctuation. APA style deviations remain throughout the in-text citations and in the References list. Primary concerns include incorrect author formatting/missing author(s) in citations, missing electronic retrieval information, and incorrect citation patterns. ns of my


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