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Windows 7 8 10 Loader Activator V15.9.16 Reloaded Full Version

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This is where I’m stuck.THANKS in advance!
You need to add the new software to the command line. Windows 8 has a new program for this called windowsupdate.exe. Find it in the cmd.exe directory in your OS, then use it:windowsupdate
It will download and install all of the needed updates on your system. However, you will have to also figure out which update is the one you need. Unfortunately I can’t tell you this because I don’t know which version of Windows you need. If you can’t figure this out, you may try using Windows Defender to make sure that the updates are being installed.As a last resort, you can use the Windows update command from a command prompt:c:Windowssystem32> wuauclt /updatenow
This will start the windows update software on your PC, and prompt you to tell it which update to install.
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