world war ii was a pivotal event in american history

World War II Discussion

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World War II was a pivotal event in American History. Specific events changed the U.S. and its people; as a result of this war, the U.S. would never be the same again.

  • Think carefully and describe which three (3) events listed below you think were most significant for the country, describing specifically what changed and why it was significant for the U.S. Make your case!
  • Make your case! Use evidence from your TEXT AND 4 or more VIDEOS.
  • Be sure to give an abbreviated citation to give yourself credit for using both book and video, something like this. (p. 235) or (Pearl H) (Home Front) or (Internment)

Replies: (Due Friday night) Reply to ONE other student, stating WHY you agree with examples from his/her post, or WHY you think one or more of your own examples might be equally or more convincing.

(Note: you can “like” someone’s original post even if you do not reply to it. You can “like” the post you reply to. Who will get the most “likes”? And what will they get?)

CHOOSE FROM THESE Pivotal, Turning-Point, events:

-The role of women due to their work in men’s jobs in war production factories and in new military roles

-The status of African American, Latino and Filipinos due to wartime opportunities.

-The G.I. Bill for Veterans

-The beginning of the Atomic Age

-The size of the federal government after converting the country to focus on the war effort

-Reconciling the disconnect between being “a nation of immigrants” as the Statue of Liberty implied, yet having created internment camps into which Japanese and Japanese Americans were forced, and their land and possessions taken from them.


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