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Amazon recently purchased a fleet of vans in order to gain more control over how their packages are delivered. Charlie O’Shea, the lead retail analyst at Moody’s, said the program can help Amazon expand same-day delivery and compete with brick-and-mortar retailers that have order-online-and-pick-up-in-store services. (Pisani, 2018) I see Amazon taking over and competing with brick and mortar stores in a way we could never have imagined a decade earlier. They are wise in that they embrace technology and use it to their competitive advantage. They hope to see hundreds of small delivery businesses up and running by the end of 2018. These changes will force other companies to take a hard look at their own supply chains and make changes when necessary. I think it will be difficult for many companies to find their competitive edge when competing with Amazon and their already fast reliable shipping. The aim is to better control the last mile of delivery, which WSJ reported is typically the priciest part of an online purchase’s journey. (Pymnts, 2018) The sky is the limit for Amazon, and I will continue to sing their praises, just as I have always done.


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Assignment requirements:

This post is to respond to another person’s initial post. Your post may support or present another view. Whichever approach you take must also be supported by at least outside source.

Your post must add to the conversation. Comments like “good point” or “I agree with you” will result in low marks. This is a discussion board and you are expected to discuss. Support your comments with outside sources.


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