write a four page paper on your book citing and summarizing quot key take aways quot

Please choose from this list of books and write a four page paper on one of them:
• How to Win Friends & Influence People – Carnegie, Dale. New York, Pocket Books. 1981.
• 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Covey, Stephen R. New York, Simon & Schuster. 1989.

• Fierce Conversations – Scott, Susan. New York, A Berkley Book. 2002.• Time Tactics of Successful People – Griessman, Eugene, McGraw Hill, 2004.• Talk Like TED – Gallo, Carmine (2013).• Essentialism – McKeown, Greg (2014).
You are to write a four-page paper on your book, citing and summarizing “key take-aways” and how you can apply at least five principles to your own career/life. Type the report using 1.5 line spacing and either Calibri or Times Roman Font.
Here’s the grading criteria:Well written and thorough – 5 principles x 10 points each (Ask yourself: Did I use concrete and specific examples when discussing the principles covered throughout the book?) 50 points
Application was evident – 5 application examples at 30 points each (Make sure to give in-depth examples of how principles can be applied to your career/life) 150 points

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