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I have this assignment to do, The description is below. To see more information. 
I need to do 2 of these. They have to be different from each other. So you cap choose two of the 9 suggested options.
I need this ASAP. It’s Due Tuesday 5 pm (16 hours from now). 
You are required toparticipate in 2 learning activitiesoutsideof classthissemesterand thenwrite 2Reaction Paperssummarizing what you did andlearned.  The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn something aboutyourself and/or a psychology/class topic.  Look over the text and classoutlines to select topics of interest to you.  You may not use class speakersor required reading for your reaction papers.Each paper is worth25points.  Paperswill be graded on both content andformat.  Point breakdown is listed with required formatat the end ofsyllabus.  This is a college class and I expect to receive college material–including proper grammar and spelling.  Pick–up and save your gradedpapers until you receive your final grade for the class.  
Due datesarelisted in class outline.  Papers need to be turned–in duringclass.  Papers mayNOTbe left in my mailbox or emailed.  You may turnpapers in earlyif you’re going to be absent the date it’s due.  You may havesomeone bring your paper in for you if you are not able to attend class.  NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES FOR REACTION PAPERS:Learning activities need to be aboutpsychology.  If your learningactivities are not about psychology you will get a 0.1.  Read an article from a magazine or journal2.  Read a book related to psychology or self–help3.  Watch relevant TV programs & documentaries.  A great source for       documentaries iswww.topdocumentaryfilms.com.  Netflix also has manyinteresting documentaries4.  If you watch Ted Talks or other media online it needs to be at least 40 in.long or you need to watch several related media.5.  Attend arelevant lecture, workshop, or conference6.  Watch a movie relevant to class.  Films On Demandavailable throughthe OCC Library website offers many film options.7.  Interview a professional workingin the field of psychology.  Prepare bymaking a list of relevant questions.8.  Participate in special learning projects as announced9.  Anything that would be meaningful to you.  Discuss your ideas with meprior to doing it.  _____________________________________________________________REQUIRED FORMAT FOR REACTION PAPERS AND EXTRA CREDITPAPERS (25 POINTS POSSIBLE)All papers should be properly identified with your name and class, andwhether it’s Reaction Paper 1,Reaction Paper 2, or Extra Credit 1 or 2.FORMAT:  (5 points)Papers need to be typed, 1–2 pages long, stapled, and single spaced.  Pleaseuse font 12 or 14 only.1.  Identify/describe the learning activity(5 points)Clearly explain what you did (read article, watched documentary, etc.)Include your reasons for choosing this activity or topic.List reference, for example:a.Title of article, author,source, dateb.Title of TV program/documentary, source
c.Title of Ted Talk or other media, name of speaker, length ofprogramd.Name of place you visited, city, datee.State your project & dates (interview,project, etc.)2.List 5facts learned(10 points)List 5 statements of information or facts you learned about the topic oryourself.  Number your statements and make sure they are clearly visible onleft margin.  Do not imbed them in paragraphs.  They need to be completesentences.  3.  Summary(5 points)Summarize your reactions, feelings, and opinions regarding your learningactivity.  Thisshould be the main part of your paper.  I want to know whatyou got out of the activity and why you respondedthe way you did.  Doesthis activity/topic relate to your personal life and/or career choice?

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