You must submit a 13-15 page research paper onvariable costing vs. absorption costing

You must submit a 13-15 page research paper onvariable costing vs. absorption costing. You must submit a quality academic research paper discussing your findings. You may use your text as a source, but you need to reference other sources as well. You will submit the paper properly formatted using the APA format. This paper must demonstrate a mastery of basic writing mechanics. The paper must be clear, concise, organized and persuasive and supported with applicable academic references. Suggestions: I would start my paper by discussing the differences and similarities of variable and absorption costing. Discuss which method is best for use in managerial decisions (hint: it is variable costing) and why. You might want to include a few examples. Discuss why variable costing is not used in GAAP financial statements.The paper is your own creation and you will be graded on the presentation that you make in your paper. Include a cover page (does not count in the page total) with the following information:
Variable Costing vs. Absorption Costing
Acct 525
Spring 2016
The paper must be submitted in word format using Times New Roman 12 point font with 1” margins all around. Put page numbers on the bottom of each page centered. Text should be double spaced. References should follow the text and be according to APA format.
This research must be your own work. You must do your own research and writing.
The paper is due May 7 by 11:59pm and will be deposited in the dropbox for the research paper on eCollege.
I’ve started on the Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion.

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